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Annapolis photographers, senior portrait wardrobeMusical Senior Session | Kenna

Welcome to Kenna’s musical senior session! She is a senior at South River High School and another member of my JGP Senior Team!

Kenna’s outside senior portraits were so unique for me and something I had wanted to shoot for my portfolio. She incorporated her love of her musical instruments at a farm with open fields and a more rustic feel with barn doors, oak trees and a tobacco barn.Maryland senior photographer, maryland senior portraitsKenna plays the clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet and yukalele. Kenna has even named each of her instruments and gets the biggest smile when she speaks about them.senior music session, senior photography annapolis

She truly loves music and how it brings people together. I enjoyed hearing her play her instruments during her session and see her excitement build as we created these incredible beautiful portraits that were her dream for her senior portraits.  This is the real joy when I can learn what my senior and her family envision for this special time in their life, and I can make it become a reality through my lens.
senior photo maryland, senior portraitssenior pictures, senior photo shoot, musical senior sessionsenior photography annapolis, jan gratz photographyAnd I captured Kenna’s true essence with a smile that lights up her face!  I was talking with Kenna how I wanted her to jump straight up in the air, and she thought it was funny watching me imitate the jump.  #notasgracefulasiusedtobe #roflmao

For her in studio session, Kenna wanted to incorporate her instruments in them.  After talking thru design ideas, we decided on this amazing classic portrait style, which have become some of my very top favorites of the year!musical senior session, senior portraits annapolisannapolis senior portraits, senior photography annapolis

We came up with the idea of Kenna laying down on some classic sheet music, some of which was Kenna’s and some came from my mother who played the piano. This is a message to never throw away your props because this is one of my all-time favorite musical portraits I’ve taken!south river high school, senior photo shoot

Thank you Kenna for joining my JGP Senior Team! I had so much fun during your shoot and had a great musical senior session with you! You are a very driven and talented individual and I can’t wait to see you achieve all of your goals!

Kenna’s IG handle is kenna_v. Her makeup was done by Kaytee Spanoghe @atypicaldiva and Kristi Crawford @kristicrawfordd Video by Jan Gratz and Leah Anonsen@leah_anonsen.

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Jan Gratz Photography, JGP Senior Team Football Senior Portrait | Ryan

Ryan is on the 2018 JGP Senior Team and wanted to capture his football senior portrait in the studio!  We agreed it would be a great idea to show off his South River High School pride and give his white and blue uniform another great use!

I also was excited for another creative in-studio sports session!

Being the creative people at JGP studios, we sprayed Ryan with a little water to give the ‘after epic touchdown’ sweat look.  Sorry Ryan for spraying you in the eye with the wrong nozzle on the sprayer!

south river high, annapolis senior portrait
football senior portrait, senior photos

Ryan is another senior whose sports portrait is in the window at Jan Gratz Photography studio!

Guess which awesome portrait we picked!

South River High School, annapolis photography studio

Shortly after Ryan’s in studio session, he broke his collar bone during a football game.  That is not a fun way for an athlete who loves his sport to end his senior year, but Ryan and his parents wanted to capture some of his on location senior portraits at South River High’s football field.  Right before sunset, we went over to a local park to capture some shots with his newly refurbished Jeep which he and his dad worked on together.  Mother Nature did not disappoint between the beautiful blue sky, the white whispy clouds  spreading across the sky and the pink/orange hues of the sun setting on the horizon.  Of course, we had to capture a memorable photo of Ryan and his dad for his senior album which we are excited to design.

Southern High school photographer, Maryland senior photographer senior pictures, senior photo shoot, south river high schoolsenior pictures, senior photo shoot

maryland senior portraits, senior photography

Thank you Ryan for joining the JGP 2018 Senior Team!

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JGP Senior Team, Jan Gratz Photography

annapolis senior photography, Red Balloon Senior Shoot, senior photography,Red Balloon Senior Shoot | Carlie  | JGP Senior Team 2018

Carlie is a JGP 2018 senior team member from Kent Island High School and this is her red balloon senior shoot. Carlie was referred to my studio thru her friend Jen who was a 2017 spokesmodel. Carlie plays varsity field hockey, is on the National Honor Society, the National Spanish Honor Society, the Future Business Leaders of America, and participates with local environmental causes. She plans to major in Occupational Therapy in college and is currently taking classes in biomedical science at her high school!  This young lady is going to set the world on fire!

In our wardrobe planning session, Carlie brought several outfits to choose from.   After talking with her about the type of location she wanted for her senior portraits, she decided to have them at our favorite place with open fields and rustic barns, and the golden hour there at sunset gives us amazing portraits for our seniors.

When I saw her red paisley shirt, I knew exactly what I wanted to create for Carlie.  When I told her about the idea of creating a red balloon senior shoot into her portraits and a vintage cherry red truck at the golden hour, her eyes and face lit up with excitement.  Now how to fit a dozen red balloons into our vehicle with our equipment … but where there is a will, there is always a way.  Never say it can’t be done … just figure out a way that it can be done!

senior portraits annapolis, senior portraiture, red balloon senior shoot

Carlie has such an embracing smile, a dimple in her cheek that comes out every once in a while, and she has a positive fun spirit that is game to try new things. The end result were stunning images that her parents were gasping at when I showed them the back of my camera!

To finish off her session, we jumped back into the car and went down the road to another favorite location to capture this beautiful sunset photo for her, and we were really happy to have the same timing as this sailboat!
senior photographer maryland, senior portrait

For being a member of the senior team, Carlie chose to have a glamorous in-studio fashion shoot.  After the glamour, she took off the bling and turned into an athlete with her Kent Island High School field hockey uniform.  And to top off her senior year, Carlie’s varsity field hockey team became Regional Champions this past fall!

senior sports, sports portrait

When she came in for her wardrobe planning, she chose to wear a beautiful navy lace gown from my style closet and we created an incredible fashion image of her using both low key strobe lighting and natural light. This image went onto receive a bronze award for the Portrait Masters Accreditation Program that Jan is completing!photographers in annapolis md, senior photoshoot

Thank you Carlie for joining my JGP Senior Team! You are a radiant kindhearted young lady and we all can’t wait to see you thrive in the future!

Follow Jan Gratz on Instagram @jangratzphoto to see more of Carlie’s JGP senior team portraits!

Carlie’s IG handle is @cdomo5. On location: makeup and hair was done by Carlie and her friend!

In-Studio: Professional Makeup artist is Kaytee Spanoghe. Professional hair stylist is Kristi Crawford. Video by Jan Gratz and Leah Anonsen @leah_anonsen

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JGP Senior Team, Jan Gratz Photography

Selena | JGP Senior Team 2018

As a part of the JGP Senior Team, one of the perks is a special in-studio shoot to create images of their choice which can include their sport or hobby, a glamour spin or an edgy editorial fashion vibe.

I love the simplicity of this outfit Selena and I put together with low key lighting her silhouette!  I love the simplicity of black and white in studio.  This was the top favorite image that Selena chose for the cover of her image box!

 Selena’s Annapolis senior portraits were downtown on the water in Ego Alley and inside the gate at the Naval Academy.   After a beautiful drive over the Naval Academy bridge, we captured an amazing sunset portrait on the water.

Selena looks beautiful in the black and white closeup. 

It almost looks like an old school Gap fashion ad!

Also, what famous actress do Selena’s gorgeous blue eyes remind you of?  If you guessed  Christie Brinkley, you are right! This  sunset shot was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever captured.  The sky was so gorgeously lit up with colors and it kept changing its hues throughout the sky.   It is what I describe as purely magical.   I decided to try a wide angle shot from below looking up towards Selena, and it became one of my favorite images for 2017.  It is not guaranteed that Mother Nature will gift us with her beauty, but I sure do love it when she does!  My assistant Becca was shooting behind the scenes video for Selena’s senior film, and I turned around to capture this shot of Becca capturing live footage of this special sunset. 

Thank you Selena for joining my 2018 JGP Senior Team! You have the most stunning blue eyes that lit up every portrait.

I wish you the best in the new adventures you will endure!

Follow Jan Gratz on Instagram @jangratzphoto to see more of Selena’s JGP senior team portraits!

Makeup and hair styling by Sarah Miller from White Door Image @missarahsworld; Video by Becca Thompson @becca.2604 and Leah Anonsen @leah_anonsen

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Jan Gratz Photography, JGP Senior Team

DTA photoshoot, high school senior portrait,

Downtown Annapolis Senior Portraits | Makenna

Makenna is another member of the JGP Senior Team from South River High School. For her outside senior portraits, Makenna chose three of her favorite places: Downtown Annapolis, her Uncle’s farm and the beachfront at their home at sunset.

Downtown Annapolis is always a favorite for seniors with its narrow alleyways, cobblestone streets, charming historic homes, the Naval Academy with the Mids walking around downtown in their whites, and the picturesque sailboats and yachts at Ego Alley next to downtown with beautiful waterfront views.

high school senior photo, maryland photographer

Makenna’s Uncle Gary’s farm is truly one of our favorites with its tobacco barn with the U.S. and State of Maryland flags painted on it, an old rare horse barn, 20 acres of open fields, flowers during various seasons, a windmill, a 1959 truck renovated with a cherry red color, and a vintage Ford tractor from the 50s. It is a special place that we can offer our seniors for their portraits.

maryland custom portraits,edgewater photography annapolis senior portraiture, maryland senior photos, downtown annapolis senior portraits

The sunflowers were in bloom for Mak’s session, and her two cousins were there at the farm getting the bales of hay and sunflowers placed by the old red truck for some of her portraits. It is a family affair with close siblings and cousins working the farm. She also wanted her sweet pup Lexi in her photos at the farm. Lexi passed away a few weeks later so having Lexi in them has become even more special to Makenna and her family.

sunflowers in maryland, annapolis senior photographer

We had to reschedule the the last location at the beachfront at her parent’s home because a thunderstorm rolled in as we left the farm.  I feel so blessed to have such amazing locations to photograph my seniors and families!  My assistant Becca and I wanted to just relax on the beach after the shoot, but the mosquitoes and sand nats were having a feast on our feet and the next morning we woke up with ALOT of red spots all over our legs! Only one of the adventures of being an outside portrait photographer!

senior sunset portrait, maryland photographer, jan photography

Makenna is a natural beauty and never wears makeup so it took some convincing to have a little makeup for her in studio session, but it was just enough to make her incredible green eyes pop in her images.  When I was working with her on her wardrobe, one of her favorites was her long green maxi dress which I knew would be the perfect match for this in studio image taken with natural light from the windows of my studio.  It became one of my favorites of the year!
annapolis senior portraits, maryland senior photographer, senior style guide

Makenna is on the South River High Seahawks girls varsity basketball team so we incorporated her basketball portrait into her in-studio session. Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of black and white sport portraiture, and Makenna’s black and white portrait is currently in the window of my studio with three others from the senior team.  As you can see from this image, like most athletes, Makenna is very intense on the basketball court.  As of the writing of this blog, the Seahawks team is having an outstanding year with a current 14 – 1 record!!

senior sports photo, annapolis senior photoshoot, senior photoshoot

Follow Jan Gratz on Instagram @jangratzphoto to see more of Makenna’s Downtown Annapolis Senior Portraits!

Her IG handle is @makennapalmer_. Her hair and makeup was done by Sarah Miller of White Door Image. Video by Becca Thompson @becca.2604 and Leah Anonsen @leah_anonsen.

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