Family Portrait Session Wardrobe Tips

Choosing Wardrobe for Your Family Portraits

I know choosing an appropriate color scheme and style for everyone in your family is a stressful thought. To make your life a little easier, read my recommendations for choosing your family’s wardrobe. Use these different ideas to create a look that will best represent your family.

Here are five different ways to coordinate your family’s portraits:

Bright and Wonderful

Colors: Coral, Navy Blue, White, Light Blue, Khaki

What to wear: Coral Dress, Denim Button up with Khakis, Light blue dress with navy blue belt

This is a great color scheme for the fun east coast preppy family. The colors used are very appealing to the eyes. Usually people go towards the coral and navy, but I think adding the light blue allows it to have a more unique look. There also is a good variety for everyone to be able to choose what they would feel comfortable in.

The New Classic

Colors: Cream, White, Denim, Khaki (Optional Color pop: Gray, Teal, Red, Dark Purple, Peach)

What to wear: White top with cream sweater and denim pants, Denim Button up with Khakis, V-neck cream sweater with denim pants..

The old classic white shirt and jeans is a little dated and over done. Keep the same simple style but with a softer cream twist. This is one of my favorite looks. It will look perfect in color or black & white photos. If you both want to wear cream shirts, one person should have a plain shirt, while the other has cream with a pattern or lace/crochet style. 

Sweet Pea

Colors: Rose Pink, Light Pink, Olive Green, Light Brown, Khaki, Cream

What to wear: Light pink dress with light weight olive green scarf/wrap, olive green button up with khaki shorts, floral pink and olive top with solid skirt or dark khaki pants.

This is a unique and sweet style. I see this style for a young family. The girls can feel lady like in blush or light pink, while the boys feel masculine with their earthy greens and browns. It also would be adorable reversed. A confident guy in pink and your little lady in green.

Sharp and Sophisticated

Colors: Black, Gray, Light Gray, Dark Denim (OR switch the gray tones with Camel Browns)

What to wear: Black dress, gray button up with black cardigan and dark denim pants, grey dress with denim jacket or black sweater, black polo with dark grey pants.

I imagine this may be the easiest look to pull off. Everyone owns clothing in black, gray and brown. The only obstacle would be having a variety with what everyone is wearing. Add bow ties and pearls for an even classier look. This is another look that will be great in black and white as well.

Patriot Pride

Colors: Burgundy Red, Navy Blue, Cream, White

What to wear: Navy and white stripe shirt with white shorts and a burgundy cardigan, plaid blue shirt with denim pants, burgundy dress with open denim jacket, cream button up with denim shorts

This look is another one of my favorites. I love showing my American pride, but this style keeps it softer with burgundy colors and creams instead of a bright red and white. These are gender neutral colors so everyone can be happy. Since it’s patriotic, don’t be afraid to add a star print shirt for your little one or have more stripes than you usually would.

Even the Royal Family has used this color scheme!

General Tips:

Always consider Khaki

It is a neutral color that blends with everything.

Stay away from popular trends

Keep it classic. Most top trends will be regrettable in 5 to 10 years.

Add texture

Choose a few items that have a simple print (stripes, plaid).   This adds more character to the photos and it also helps create a less super matchy wardrobe. You can also add plain tops that have lace or crochet.

Less is more

This is true for makeup, hair styles and accessories. This is a photo of your family not a fashion ad in Vogue. The focus is on you.  Don’t let wild trends or loud accessories take the spotlight from YOU.

Open Your Mind to Props

Use a cool car as your pop of color or something fun. A picnic blanket to add your favorite print. An old discolored barn as a unique backdrop.

For more examples check out the Pinterest link!

I’ve added a few extra examples … Enjoy!

Written by Guest Blogger, Hannah Litten

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